Fall 2019
Dinner Club

Let us do the cooking one night a week


School has started, activities abound, and you don't have time to prepare a nutritious, creative, and delicious meal every night...we understand and we've got you covered! Join our 6 week dinner club and take a night off each week. Either you pick up or we deliver a tasty meal to your door and, with a little oven time and/or minor preparation, you've got a beautiful dinner on the table and a few less dishes to do!


The Menu

Week 1

Late summer vegetable tart with local corn, tomatoes, zucchini, onion, garlic, and fresh berbs, with a fresh chevre custard base and rustic butter crust. served with garden salad with local potato, chopped egg, and tarragon vinaigrette.
*vegan: kite hill ricotta base and earth balance crust, no eggs

Week 2

Korean marinated chicken-apple meatballs with banchan (toppings including kimchi, carrot matchsticks, fried shallots, and bean sprouts), fresh lettuce leaf cups, and scallion pancakes with sesame-soy dipping sauce
*vegan: Beyond beef “meatballs”

Week 3

Zucchini and eggplant “lasagna” (pasta free!) with fresh mozzarella, house made ricotta, local marinara, and lots of fresh basil. served with herbed focaccia.
*vegan: uses kite hill and Miyoko’s kitchen cheeses

Week 4

Mustard and herb crusted Farroe Island Salmon, beluga lentil salad, and an arugula salad with house pickled beets, walnut, and parmesan croutons

*vegan: caramelized vegetable and quinoa cake with kite hill horseradish “crème”

Week 5

Tandoori marinated organic chicken legs with cucumber raita, cilantro-mint chutney, brown basmati rice, and roast cauliflower with peas
*vegan: Tandoori marinated tofu

Week 6

Grass fed beef tenderloin, sliced and served medium rare, with chunky salsa verde, crispy smashed potatoes, and caesar broccoli

*vegan: beyond burger

What it Costs

Standard Dinners - serves 2-4 | $240.00

Junior Dinners - serves 1-2 | $160.00

Delivery to your door | +$50.00


Every week for 6 weeks starting:

Thursday September 5th, 2019


Thursday October 10th, 2019


Choose below for either Standard or Junior orders (and delivery!). Let us know if you have any questions!

Standard Club
from 240.00

Weekly dinner that serves 2-4 people

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Junior Club
from 160.00

Weekly dinner servers 1-2 people

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